How To Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the hottest social media websites right now. There are a ton of people who use it. And some even have to post on Instagram as part of their job. Not only individuals but also numerous bloggers, influencers, small and large companies are represented on Instagram and want to use the social media platform for their own purposes. We’ll show why likes and followers need to be generated, and what’s important to be successful with your own Instagram account.

Why Generate Likes and Followers?

As a rule, there is great interest in generating as many likes and followers as possible on Instagram. This is a legitimate and necessary goal, especially for companies. Finally, the more followers an account has, the more frequently the posted content is seen. And the more often it is seen, the more often it interacts in the form of likes, comments or divisions. This ultimately ensures that even more people get a message. This creates a viral cycle that improves the reach of a business. Because of this, likes and followers are an important factor to increase the awareness of your own company.

For example, if a company were to run some kind of marketing campaign on Instagram, then a barometer for their success would be the number of their followers and likes. A company or a marketing service always aims to have as many followers on social media, and not just on Instagram. And even as individuals having as many followers as possible will just mean that you have got higher social clout. 

Creating an editorial plan, including goal setting, and regular account analysis can help keep track of likes and followers. This shows quite quickly how a page is growing and how individual postings are accepted by the users. If you’re still at the beginning and want to get your page up and running as fast as possible, you can once buy Instagram Likes to increase your reach. There’s also a ton of things that you can do to increase your likes and follows on Instagram, and through this article, you will learn just how to do that efficiently and quickly. So if you would like to increase your follower count by learning a few tips, tricks and secrets on how to do so then you have come to the right place.

Instagram Is Very Important For Social Media Marketing

First of all, if you do not already know, Instagram is an image-based network that is widely used by young people in particular. Accordingly, striking images that appeal to a young target group, immensely important – high-quality photos are the alpha and omega on Instagram. In addition, consistent and unique imagery is important: the use of different filters and photos with different perspectives acts on a business account rather unprofessional. The overall profile must be consistent and also fit together as part of a theme. That is why the more successful Instagram users are usually those with a particular theme such as food, travel or fashion. And that is why people follow them also so that they can get content on their feed that is relevant to their interests.

Why Are Followers on Instagram so Important For Companies or People Anyway?

One of the most important aspects of Instagram is certainly that of the followers. If the starting point of your Instagram marketing strategy involves the definition of objectives and strategies, the next step is to understand which audience (potential followers) you want to address and learn to know it. Even if you are an individual having more followers on Instagram can help you broaden your social reach.

Therefore, we must try to understand what are the interests of the objective we want to address and try to reject them by creating specific visual content. Instagram’s corporate profile requires a clear vision of the content you want to convey and the topics you want to discuss. Any company, regardless of its size and volume of business, must share content that identifies and makes its unique profile stories of employees, products and their possible uses or moments of corporate life. On an individual level, there are people who check out other people’s Instagram account, just to judge them based on the number of followers that they have. 

Any person or company must share content that identifies and makes its unique profile the stories of employees, products and their possible uses or moments of the life of the company to entertain and excite their followers. Instagram is a social network based on images and, therefore, it is precisely those to which we must begin to draw attention.

Followers on Instagram are essential :

Surely, having a large number of followers press different psychological levers such as authority and social proof. Authority: “If so many people follow this page, it means it’s valid. Then again Social: “If so many people follow this page, it means it’s worth it and I should follow it too.” These are two concepts that lead to an increase in followers in a “passive” way. And therefore mean that gaining followers is always a positive on Instagram.

In reality, it is not important to have a disproportionate number of followers, but it is important that the ones you own are really interested in your brand/product/ personal service.

Who Can Benefit From More Followers on Instagram?

Entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, photographers, bloggers, creators of networks, know how important it is to have popularity in social networks and we continue, based on numbers, we make the decision of who to follow. Now we start from the assumption that we all have the Instagram profile and that we want to do good things to get good results.

• Followers Can Also Increase Comments on Instagram 

When we started using Instagram, we realized that it is a social network in which it communicates through images, so it is easy to think that the only key to be popular and getting followers is to upload photos daily and with the highest quality possible. Although it is true that the photos that we upload to our profile have a lot of weight, we must take into account many other factors.

Today we would like to talk about the comments, something to which we tend to give little importance. However, getting comments on Instagram is one of the keys to attract new followers and make your profile a community where there is the interaction between you and your followers. As we have said before, Instagram is a community, and as in any community, communication between users must be active.

Through the comments, we can exchange impressions with other users and what is more important, with our followers. This, besides being an exercise in entertainment, has benefits for the management of your profile. Here are some of them:

1. Help keep your profile active

In those profiles where photos are not published daily, the comments charge special importance. Receiving comments on your posts and having an ongoing conversation with your Instagram followers will help you maintain an active appearance even if you do not publish as often as other users. If on the other hand beside uploading photos infrequently, you do not interact with other users, your account will give a sense of inactivity and abandonment that will eventually make you lose followers. The comments draw the attention of potential followers, the photos with a lot of comments attract the curiosity of Instagram users.

Followers of people who comment on your posts can see these comments, which works as a complaint on many occasions to make a potential follower visit your profile. Although the Likes are also shown in the activity log, they attract less attention from users, since it is easier to get a Like in any publication than a comment.

2. Comments from followers help maintain a closer relationship with our followers.

This point is especially important for brands and businesses that have a presence on Instagram. Having a good relationship with your followers is an ultimately a good relationship with your potential customers, which can greatly benefit a brand. A good relationship with our followers through Instagram comments reinforces the good image of the brand for the public and gives a feeling of closeness to potential customers.

It is also equally important for normal users and artists, it is a way to get closer to your followers, who after all are people who feel an interest in your publications or admire what you do. Getting them well is essential so they do not stop following you and attract new followers.

3. Instagram comments have more weight than Likes

The number of comments in your posts and the speed with which your followers comment from the moment of the upload of the photo, directly affects the popularity of your profile. Instagram has this in mind to recommend your profile to potential followers in the explore tab or include you in the list of popular users. The volume of comments in a publication is more important than the Likes when it comes to entering these lists since they are much more complicated to achieve.

As you can see, although getting your posts on Instagram to generate comments can be difficult, it is worth spending part of your time on this task when you are managing your profile. The first step is to try to answer all the comments and make it clear that you want to start that active conversation with your followers. At the end of the day, the community that you are generating around your Instagram profile are a group of people with a series of tastes or interests related to yours. So getting more followers is good for your Instagram profile all-around.

Why Should You Have Profile on Instagram?

Today social networks have influenced our daily lives and work and Instagram does not escape from this reality, therefore there are many reasons why a person or company should consider having an Instagram profile, with purely social, commercial or for purely professional purposes.

If you have a local business, it may make sense to create a profile just to publicize the brand, but if you want to generate new prospects, you must be prepared to invest time and/or money.

1. Getting followers is more than posting good photos

You may think that just by posting a few good pictures you will be well on your way to hundreds of thousands of followers. But with a few attractive photos, the work is not done yet. The photos always include a text that should be as inspiring as possible and encourages the user to interact. In addition to image and text, the appropriate hashtags must be used on Instagram so that the image is displayed to as many users as possible who are searching for the respective hashtag. And that is where this article comes in, it will teach you all that you need to know so that you too can get as many followers as you would like on this huge social network called Instagram.

Instagram is a social network with brutal power and, currently, one of the most popular and with more interaction. Its growth in the last 5 years has been excessive so if you want to get followers on Instagram in an organic and well done, follow these steps I show you below.


Maximize your Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile is the first thing that people see when they are going to look at your page. It is basically like your public face on Instagram. The decision about whether or not someone will hit the follow button on your Instagram profile will depend on the impression that they get from what they first see. So it is of the utmost importance that you know how to craft an attractive Instagram profile.

Here are a series of steps to follow to optimize your profile and gain followers when users enter your profile.

Upload your logo or clear image to your profile.

It provides users with a way to get in touch with you.

Highlight essential information about your business. Tell them who you are and what you do!

Take your personality in your description of 150 characters and highlight that “something” that makes you different.

Remember to add a link!

Be Creative and Get Noticed with Stories

It is possible that of all the Instagram Stories that you see throughout the day, very few of them seem striking or interesting. Isn’t that right? 

So that your Instagram Stories get attention and that helps to get followers in an easier way you need something more than constancy. You need creativity and you need to have impact.

It may happen that you do not feel or are not very creative. In those cases where creativity does not flow you can be inspired by other users or even resort to pages where you already have templates for Instagram, both in video and an image, prepared for it. In most cases, these templates are ready and optimized to only replace the content (text and image) with yours. Thus, you can customize each detail of the same making it different from all others.

Use Well-selected Hashtags

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but that does not mean you have to put those 30. In fact, it can even be harmful if you do it. By using well-selected hashtags on our social networks we can make anyone with the same interests discover us. Below I will show you a method to grow your Instagram account strategically through a selection of the best hashtags. But, first of all, keep in mind a series of recommendations : Remember these tips when using hashtags

If you are going to use hashtags, it is better that they be relevant.  That is, do not target 30 random tags because it is the top you can enter since you will go crazy with the Instagram algorithm and you will not like it.

Always using the same hashtags is not the correct option either. With this, you will not reach the desired people. The key is to vary, to investigate and to see what really works.

Repeatedly using the same main hashtags is also a problem because they are the ones used by everyone and therefore are more difficult to position.

How To Choose The Right Hashtag?

When looking for and selecting the hashtags that you will use in your strategy, keep in mind 2 aspects:

1. Speed goals to get Likes: It is considered a good hashtag for the speed of likes received when putting that hashtag and upload the publication. That speed will determine if the hashtag chosen is good or not.

2. Objectives of likes and comments: That is, how many times you get likes and comments when using that particular hashtag.

How To Use Hashtags on Instagram To Increase Your Visibility?

When using the hashtags in your Instagram strategy to get more visibility and, therefore, get more followers, keep in mind 2 locations: your biography and your Stories.

Take advantage of the 150 characters of your biography to put 3 hashtags following the guidelines that are mentioned in the previous point. But be careful with the Stories that here things change. Insert only a hashtag in Stories.  When we fill this type of hashtags, we do not give a good image and it does not help us grow.

Remember about two kinds of hashtags as well, ones that are common and ones that are rarely used. The two hashtags or kinds that you use will affect how many people actually see what you publish on Instagram.

• Instagram shows how many times a hashtag has been used before

Hashtag very used: If you use a tag with millions of results, your photo will probably be forgotten seconds after publishing it. However, if you are lucky that there are a few similar publications at that time, you will have the opportunity to be seen by many users. For example: #like #love #smile etc.

Hashtag little used: Contrarily, if you publish a tag little used, your photo will remain in the first search results for longer but fewer users will see it. The positive thing about using this type of hashtags is that the audience you are targeting is a specific audience related to that topic, so you are more likely to get them to open your profile to make you like or follow you.

But in general the more hashtags that you use, then the better, just be careful not to use too many hashtags, as this will work against you! 

Choose very well when to publish

Choosing when to post on Instagram is another decisive factor to get more followers and, above all, improve interaction and engagement with your community. Depending on how your followers will have some habits and a few hours to use Instagram. This data varies a lot from one account to another so it is suggested that you use a free tool so you can measure this and get many more followers and likes in your posts: There are also other services that can show you the best time to post on Instagram.

Schedule your posts on Instagram if you want to make the time to post as efficient as possible. You may not have time to constantly monitor, post each day, search for phrases, creative content and answer your followers. Therefore, it is very important to schedule your content.

Pre-planning is the key to your strategy to work properly. Do not leave everything for the last minute, get yourself a day in the week and program your publications and Stories.

In this way, you will help to make the performance much more effective and you can, in some way, free yourself for several days by leaving your publications in the hands of programming tools.

Make Instagram videos Live

Has that notification that your friend or follower is broadcasting live at the same time has appeared on your mobile screen? Surely you’ve gotten to check what it emits and if it’s interesting, and you’ve participated! With this it is recommended that you do live videos. It is very important that you include them in your strategy.

This will not only help increase engagement but also increase the number of followers of your account. But, yes, you should make videos assiduously. An option to use this resource is to make interviews with other referring Instagrammers in your sector. Get in touch with them, do an interview rich in content and get straight to the point.

Make your wall original

Here I show you several techniques that I find fantastic to be able to create a very creative feed. Thanks to investing more time in your publications, use a specific filter and generate that brand image you will increase your followers and your photos have more interaction.

Remember that not only are the likes but also the comments. Click on the first two accounts and you will see that there are creative people and that nothing is invented at all.

Look at some examples of very interesting creative walls so they can be of inspiration. You can get inspiration from websites such as Pinterest, for example.

Find inspiration on Pinterest

It is possible that you sound this social network, but you have not investigated much in it. If you do not know it, it is strongly recommended that you start using it since creativity is obtained after reading a lot, seeing a lot and constant error testing.

Pinterest is a constant exhibition of wonders in all aspects. If you are a web or creative designer, it will inspire you both to create new websites and to create fantastic logos.

If you look for inspiration on Instagram you can create public boards and hidden from all the feeds you find just by putting Instagram Feeds inspiration, minimal, creatives, etc

Share the photo when you have posted it

Share the photo on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Whatsapp is a little trick to have more likes on Instagram. In the best case, the photos you publish appear in the profiles of your followers for a maximum of one or two hours, then they are forgotten because of nobody “drops” that much. Depending on the total of profiles that your followers follow, you probably will not even reach that. Therefore, sending the photo you have posted to other friends or followers will increase your likes and get what you are looking for.

Create good Instagram and story content

Of course, the content and images that you share on Instagram have to look good too. But it takes more than snapping a good image as we have stated before. You have got to think about composition, lighting and a whole lot more when taking the shot. And afterward, you have got to edit the image as well. Sounds complicated, right? Well, we have assembled a few factors to keep in mind to create a successful looking post on Instagram. 

How to post successfully on Instagram

Upload photos with clarity and luminosity: It is known that the images with more clarity and light obtain a higher chance of likes than other dark ones.

Do not overload with pictures: Images with more space in the background get higher likes than others with less depth.

Dominant color: Images with the blue dominant color obtain more likes than others in which the red color predominates.

The number of colors: Images with a single dominant color will receive higher likes than others in which multiple colors abound.

Saturation: Images with low saturation will usually get higher likes compared to others that use more vibrant colors.

Texture: Textured images significantly receive higher likes than others that do not.

Remember to post good content on a regular basis as well. In order for your followers to keep rising, you must deliver new posts on a regular basis. After all, people follow you to see something. One post per day is sufficient in any case. If there are too many contributions, a few followers will quickly jump off. In the photos, you should also attach great importance to quality and style. Especially as a company, you should not post much pixelated too dark photos of unsightly things. So nobody will follow you. Edit your pictures, make sure they are varied and fit together,  and of course your business. Since you probably have no budget for a photographer or image editor, help you already editing the features of Instagram and a filter. This will make it possible to bring a consistent look in your pictures.
Try to get more views on Instagram videos. 

Instagram is not all about just photos, there are tons of users who follow others for their video content as well. Getting more views on an Instagram video seems like a complicated task, but you will see that it is very easy when I have told you these tricks. You can increase the reproductions of your videos in several ways:

Using an app: there are many applications to get more views of Instagram videos. If you search the app store of your device you can surely download several. You can use Free VideoViews for Instagram and you will see how your reproductions start to upload.

Share the video on your blog: if you have a blog with many visits, you can share the publication of your video in a post. In this way, you will get more reproductions in your videos.

Share the video on social networks: another very simple way to increase the visualizations is to share the video on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter or any social network.

When a user views a photo-type publication, they can see the video’s likes and comments on the video. However, if the publication you are viewing in the feed is a video post, you will only see the total number of views.

Getting many reproductions in your videos will make users interested in watching the video and that will give you a better position in the results and, in turn, an increase in visits, likes, and followers to your account.

Listen to the other Instagram users

Dedicate your time to detect trends, opinions, and types of publication.
Instagram is the showcase of your life and you need to ask your followers to respond to what you are showcasing so that you can get a good idea of what they like or don’t like. You can ask them to leave a comment, as an example. A call to action message is really necessary to boost your Instagram account. Users like to be told what to do, avoid thinking. And you can then adjust your behavior on Instagram based on what kinds of comments you get from your followers. When you are responding to your followers, they will see that you are someone who engages with them. And this is how you can organically grow your follower count on Instagram. Another way is to ask your followers that you have on other social networks to follow your account. This is another call to action that you can use for your followers.

Post in a specific language
English is the lingua franca off the internet. So you will naturally get more followers if you post in English or use Hashtags that are in English. This is simply due to the fact that more people on the internet understand and speak English. So you will just naturally have a wider reach if you post easily understood and trendy phrases, memes or anything else that is popular in English.

However, if you are aiming to get followers from a specific audience, such as from a group of people within your local region, then using a specific language will also help in that regard. Different countries usually have their own unique internet culture, memes, etc. that is based around their language. So if you want to reach that specific audience, then you need to speak their language as well. This applies to what you write on the post or what you use for the hashtags as well.

Increase your engagement
The current algorithm relies heavily on the factor “engagement”. For example, your pictures will initially only show around 10 percent of your followers in the feed. The more likes and, above all, comments it achieves in the first hour, the more it is played out. In addition, you should respond as quickly as possible to comments and messages to make the algorithm happy. And if you make the algorithm happy, you have good cards to be featured on the Explore page.

A guarantee for new followers! It’s also worthwhile interacting with other users to get more followers. Just following 500 people and hoping that they will do likewise is not enough. Look at the profiles, leave a few comments (you should come up with more, leave as “beautiful” or “great profile”) and so you will draw more attention to yourself. Incidentally, while we’re on the topic of comments: Comments with less than 4 words stamp the algorithm as a bot and they do not count for the “interaction ranking”.

Final Tips

Hopefully, you will have learned a thing or two about boosting your follower count on social media sites, especially on Instagram. But before you leave, here are some quick and final tips to always remember before you post your content onto Instagram. You should find these tips always helpful when you are well on your way to becoming a huge Instagram star. 

There are already more than enough food and fashion accounts. If you start a new account now, you should look for others, but not too small, niches. With a common thread running through the entire account, the credibility automatically increases.

Those who are just beginning should not overwhelm their few followers. One to two posts a day are sufficient. The number of posts then increases with the number of followers. However, posting too much can over saturate your content, so try to limit it to one to two posts per day. 

The number of followers can be increased in the beginning through friends and family, they like the account, comment and share the posts, thus ensuring more attention.

You should follow your own account to other influencers to comment on and like their posts and thus draw the attention of this community to their own channel.

It is important to continuously work on the visibility of your own account and thus your own brand, even on offline events – post, link, share.

If possible, cooperate with other strong accounts and share their images accordingly.

The imagery should be consistent. Also, the quality of the images and videos should be high enough to address the “beautiful photos” spoiled Instagram community.

Instagram is an international medium. Who wants to reach many people, should, therefore, communicate in English and use image descriptions and hashtags in English.

Hashtags are extremely important. It is not important to just use a lot of them, but the right one. This means that the keywords used should describe the post and possibly pick up on trends that are always on Instagram.

Community events are also a great way to generate more followers. Winners of hashtags #pictureoftheday or #photooftheday generate numerous new followers within a short time.

To professionalize the work with an Instagram account, there is also a content calendar in which the planned posts are noted. This guarantees a uniform structure and thus recognition.

Just as important as planning is the question of when: when a photo or video is uploaded to Instagram. Instagram users are mainly active in the morning and evening on the platform.

A post is not just a post for Instagram users. The image or video should trigger an emotion: nice, wow, cool. Provide inspiration: I would like to have this product too! And provide for identification or motivation in the viewer.

You will see that with patience, organization and following the tips described you can get followers in  Instagram and you will achieve a faithful audience.